Just announced January 2018!

KenMat has been approached by educators to support an education program in Jamaica.  We are currently seeking corporate sponsors willing to donate working used equipment that is being turned over that we may ship to elementary schools in Jamaica.  Please contact us direct if your business is able to assist in this endeavor.

U.S. Based Program

Donate your gently used computers and software to support families with children.

We accept new and gently used PCs and Laptops. PCs  with Celeron, Pentium IV processors and above (486 and Pentium I, II, III no longer accepted). We also need all computer parts and original (OEM) software. If you must send us non- functioning equipment, we will appreciate if you let us know ahead of time.  Since it costs us funds to dispose of non-useable equipment, we would ask that you send us money to cover disposing them in an environmental friendly way.  Thank you for understanding.

If possible, please include Software License Agreements for installed software.

Hardware needing repair is considered on a case-by-case basis

Note for Monitor Donations:  At this time we are NOT accepting only CRT monitors.

Before you donate your computers, The KenMat Foundation recommends that you back up any necessary data and remove all data from your hard drives.  We thoroughly erase all computer hard drives.  We cannot retrieve your data once we have received your items.   You are responsible for all confidential data that may be stored on your computer(s) or on any other storage devices with or on all products you donate. You bear sole responsibility for removing or securing such data, or for transferring it to a medium under your continuing control.

Software licensing agreements must be included for any donated software. Be sure to include your operating system software on CD or diskette, the Certificate of Authenticity, end-user license agreements and manuals.

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.  We will issue a tax receipt for all your donations. To schedule a pickup complete the form below:



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