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Stress, Depression & Nutrition


Is What You're Eating, Eating You? Quick pick-me-up foods really let you down when it comes to mental and physical stamina needed to cope with prolonged stress and pressure. Learn effective ways to beat stress and depression.

Overcoming Food Cravings & Obesity


The Junk Food Junkie--Who Doesn't Know One? Breaking free from food addictions and obesity is not about deprivation--it's really about expansion! Discover the secrets to managing and lowering weight. 

Beating the Big Four


Heart Disease, High Cholesterol, Obesity, and High Blood Pressure. Grapes come in clusters, and so do lifestyle diseases. Learn how four of the biggest killers in our society today--are actually ONE disease with various manifestations.

Super Foods that Fight Cancer


Cancer. Few other words strike people with such fear. Each year nearly 11 million people worldwide are diagnosed with cancer. We look for a magic bullet, but forget one of the most important weapons...come join us to find out more!

SuperSized Kids


Rescuing children from obesity. Kids do not "out grow" their obesity--it grows with them. This issue of Balance will show you that this terrible trend CAN be reversed with just a few simple changes that will make a SuperSized difference!!


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