• We are not satisfied with second-rate work. We are not satisfied with directing our participants to a standard lower than the highest which it is possible for them to attain. We will not be content with imparting to them only technical knowledge, with making them merely clever accountants, skillful artisans, successful tradesmen. It is our ambition to inspire youth with principles of truth, obedience, honor, integrity, and purity--principles that will make them a positive force for the stability and uplifting of society. We desires youth, above all else, to learn life's great lesson of unselfish service. By participating in refurbishing existent and/or abandoned homes and farming projects we strive to make our communities a cleaner, safer and better place to live.

    Identity Statement

    The KenMat Foundation promotes understanding followed up with action on important issues facing sustainable living in America.  Its function is to support Children, Youth, Families and Local Communities dealing in housing, sustainable agriculture, education and culture, and it seeks dialogue with organizations and others concerned about our communities.


    Advancing a dynamic, diverse region that provides meaningful opportunity.


    The mission of the KenMat Foundation is to improve quality of life in America through efforts that strengthen children’s futures, foster rich cultural expression, and deepen connections to nature and community. We strive to help refurbish existing housing structures to be made available to families and individuals which have fallen upon hardships.   In partnership with others, we work to advance a vital, just, and caring community.


    The Foundation’s work is integrated within an overarching framework that expresses our core values; articulates a vision for our region; and amplifies our longstanding mission by relating it to contemporary times.


    Members, directors, and staff act as trustworthy and responsible stewards of funds, seeking to direct resources with wisdom and compassion.  They strive to ensure that our contributions and sponsorships are not only relevant, effective, and efficient, but also mindful of the opportunity gap between low-income residents and their more advantaged peers.

    Respect for Others

    Members, directors, and staff value and respect all persons, recognizing that persons of disparate gender, race, age, religion, economic level, and capacity contribute meaningfully to our world.  All persons are treated with honesty, integrity, and fairness.

    Commitment to Collaboration

    Participation of the public, as well as that of Foundation directors and staff, is sought to clarify issues of community concern and is facilitated through our role as a convener.  Collegial relationships, collaboration, discussion, debate, and exchange of information are encouraged.


    Grantees’ accomplishments and the Foundation’s activities, including evaluation and education efforts, provide means to promote learning and convey information to interest others.  Foundation members, directors, and staff value learning opportunities that enhance the well-being of the region and its citizens.


    Communications advance the Foundation’s mission by enhancing the impact of sponsorships and scholarships and the effective use of our resources.  Members, directors, and staff value clarity, coherence, and simplicity in communications.  They listen and seek to learn from others in order to function with maximum efficacy.



    Long-Term Focus

    We focus on work that strengthens the region’s viability and sustainability for the long term, rather than confine our efforts to short-term goals.


    Whenever possible, we integrate sponsorship training throughout rural, suburban, and urban areas of the region.


    We support work that is based on sound objectives and measurement practices, is ambitious but achievable, and is relevant to our goals and our capacity to contribute.  We understand that success is predicated on the presence of social capital and viable partners and on sharing and applying insights learned from previous work in the field.


    We focus on work that has a multiplier effect; we seek points of leverage, including alignment of interests across the private and public sectors.


    We regularly and consistently ask our community for information regarding significant challenges faced by our region and for feedback about the value and effectiveness of our work and the relevance of our planned future directions.




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