Become an educated home buyer with HomeBuyer Education Classes. Learn the step-by-step process that is involved in making what will likely be the biggest investment in your lifetime.

Avoid turning your biggest investment into your biggest mistake.

  • Down payment and closing cost assistance
  • Programs that accept higher debt ratios
  • Using gifted funds at closing


In the HomeBuyer Education Classes, you will learn about:

  • Budgeting
  • Understanding credit
  • All of the costs associated with purchasing 


This class can help you:

  • Make educated and smart decisions
  • Determine when you are ready to purchase a home
  • Determine what type of home you are looking for
  • Understand what you can afford
  • Provide a strong foundation for starting the process
  • Learn about financing options

 Check out new  program in 2015 >>> New Beginnings

Class space is limited for each session to so complete the form below to receive additional information on upcoming sessions
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