We believe getting our youth involved in their own and surrounding community is vital and necessary for strong character development.  It teaches young people (ages 10-17) that even at a  young age they have something to contribute of importance to society. 

Projects in which our young people participate and contribute their time include helping local community service organizations and groups, neighborhood clean-ups, working with local food banks, and serving meals to the poor and/or homeless.

Each month GreenLeaf participates in projects developed with a specific theme in pre-selected communities.  Some of the projects our your participate in are:

  • Big Brother/Big Sister (Role models & companions to deprived children)

  • Adopt a Park (Community Park Clean-up)

  • Handihelpers (Helping handicapped children in local schools

  • Bread Baking (Distribute to area families in need)

  • Adapt a Highway (Pick up trash on a specific stretch of road)

  • Business Area Trash Pick-up (picking up trash on streets in business areas)

  • Eyes for the Blind (Reading to the blind)

  • Food Baskets and Canned Food Drive

  • Paint Blitz (Painting area homes in need of painting)

  • Sip and Slurp (Assisting local soup kitchens)

  • Teens 15 & up can participated in Project Restore Rehab Programs

  • and so much more

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