Thanks for your your interest in supporting this project

We are currently raising funds for our 2018 organic farming program.  Since we ourselves enjoy turning pens we thought it would be fun to let others join our project.

To donate a pen, mail it to:

The KenMat Foundation

P.O. Box 532251

Livonia, MI  48153

Our phone # is 888-851-4180, direct line for organizer is 248-648-0713

Click the contact tab at the top of the screen to send us an online message

Please include the following so that we may give you credit for your creation-

Your Name/Business Name:

Pen Name:

Pen Description/Details:

The suggested amount we should sell your pen for.  Only you know the time and value of your creation and we wish others to also know also.

Website if available:

Any additional information that you wish to be made available to the buyer (address, phone, etc):

Please make sure you include an email address along with a mailing address so that we can send you a donation receipt. - this will be for our records only


Thank your support!  Happy Turning in 2018


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